Creative Design Solution

The “road map” for the project

Project’s goals and scope are developed and documented; the project team is chosen and their tasks are delineated. This process delivers a set of clear goals that define the size, financial parameters, schedule milestones and target audience.

In addition, the creation of physical layout, concept designs, Detail Design, Workshop Drawing, site utilization, planning and development strategies help to establish the project scope. Up to following the Production and Construction, as well as installation and testing for all rides and games.

Project Design Development

• Master Plan.
• Conceptual Design.
• Design Development.
• Concept & Theming Design.
• Project Management.
• Construction and Implementation Supervision.
• Project Hand Over.
• Workshop & Production Drawing.
This stage including the project components Selection, review the list, Supply and Release the Order, follow the Fabrication and Manufactory process, Installation on Site, Testing, and training staff. As well as Ongoing Technical Support
• Ride Selection.
• Final Review.
• Supply Games and Rides.
• Fabrication.
• Shipping.
• Clearing.
• Installation.
• Testing.
• Training.
• Ongoing Technical Support.

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