Operation & Management

MAG leisure is a management consultancy company specializing in the Start Up, Planning, Developing, Managing and Evaluation of Retail, Leisure/Entertainment, Amusement, Sports and hospitality facilities, services and events.

MAG leisure has the experience to develop, operate, enhance, and more for your new or existing facility.

From the initial feasibility study, design elements, operational manuals and on-site training, to product selection, management, property sales assistance and facility audits.

MAG leisure has the talent and experience to ensure your project runs smoothly, through working alliances with a wide variety of professional industry experts, who share our values, to provide solutions to your most complex problems.

Operation Services

MAG leisure is unique in its approach, and few companies can claim a base of practical experience in the array of disciplines provided by their team of professionals. As a result, MAG leisure can enter into a single service contract or independent contracts covering project development, business & marketing planning, management & operations.

MAG leisure has the ability to take a project from an idea to opening day and beyond. The Retail, Leisure/Entertainment, Amusement, Sports and hospitality development business is multi-faceted. A client may need one, several, or all of the services we can offer.

When assisting the new clients in the design and development of new facilities, there are three main types of services that are generally followed throughout the entire process. As always, a feasibility analysis will serve to outline and guide the entire process.

Consultancy & Management Services

This stage covers Feasibility Study, Create Company Structure, Staff Recruitment and training of operations/maintenance personnel, Operation Plan, establishment of operations and maintenance procedures and manuals; the load-in of operations furniture, fixtures and equipment; and the stocking of all inventory required for operations.

• Market Assessment & Feasibility Studies.
• Forecasting/ Budget Planning.
• Operating Plans, Policies and Procedures Manuals.
• Maintenance/House Keeping Check List.
• Select/ Interview/ Hire the necessary Management, Operation, Marketing, Sales and Maintenance staff.
• Advice and Consult Regarding Establishment of Products Plan For: Games, Merchandise, Entertainment Rides and Attractions, Provide Necessary Recommendations to the Designing Team.
• Assist in Developing: Preliminary Budgets, Finance Programs, Maintenance Programs, Admissions and Ticketing Programs, Games and Arcade Programs, , Rides and Attractions Programs, Merchandise Programs Safety Programs, Marketing Programs, Entertainment Programs.

Training Manuals & Related Training Services

• Prepare Operating and Maintenance Manuals.
• Provide Flexible Modular Training Program for On-Site Job Instruction.

Grand Opening Services

This is the culmination of the entire project’s development. It is also the official opening and presentation of a fully operational and completely finished project to the general public.

On-Going Management Services

• Human Resources.
• Books and Records.
• Agreement Negotiations
• Service Contracts.
• Rental Agreements.
• Purchase Coordination.
• Preparation of Reports.
• Policies and Procedure Assessment and Recommendation.
• Marketing Plan.
• Facility Management.
• Daily Operation.