Arcade Centres

Arcade Centres

Starting a new amusement business and arcades centre can be a rewarding experience but it must be planned out properly in order to succeed. First you must consider the feasibility of the idea in the country that you wish to operate in.

For this MAG leisure offer world-class feasibility studies. We also offer a wide variety of additional services such as business planning, layouts, theming, training and more. .

MAG leisure will guide you in selecting and purchasing only the most profitable and exciting mix of arcade, sports and redemption games, all at the very best prices.

If you are planning to add to or refresh your existing Arcade Business, our arcade consultants can help you plan game additions and/or refurbishment and updating of your existing facility, and also help select the most profitable and popular games for your current game room, resort, hotel, restaurant, bar, bowling alley, or gaming centre, or any other commercial or public location, all at the absolute best prices available on the market today

If you are planning a new Family Entertainment Centre or Arcade Game room, MAG leisure Sales Consultants willing to help you with your new project from start to finish if needed, including our many valuable consultancy services , but most importantly, correctly guide you in selecting only the most profitable and most interesting mix of arcade, sports, redemption, amusement and large attractions, which will be geared specific towards your targeted demographic and local market.

all at direct wholesale pricing, as well as being able to offer you free initial guidance and assistance in such important areas such as selecting your facility’s location, theme, design and arcade operations.

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Whether you need a consultant to get you started or are looking for a full range of services, the MAG leisure team will get you where you want to go. Call today!